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  • Argentina - Bariloche - Paseos - Tronador

Tronador Hill & Alerces Cascade


Duration: Half day

Start off southwards to connect with national route 258; by this route we will cross Pampa of Huenuleu and arrive at Gutierrez Lake, bordering Pilmayen and Melgarejo streams. Next we will travel by the margins of Mascardi Lake. Suddenly the road branches off, and the access road to Tronador turns up (cobbled road). Follow the road, cross the bridge over Manso River, bordering Mascardi Lake again by its west coast this time. We will pass in front of Emparedados Hill and border Manso Superior River until arriving at Pampa Linda.

Next we cross part of the valley of the Vuriloches and finally, passing through a shady forest, we arrive to Ventisquero Negro. The route ends further at the foot of Tronador Hill. From this point the traveller can get on foot right to the tongue of the glacier. Ventisquero Negro is a black glacier which origin is the immaculate white of the top of the Tronador hill. The Manso River is born in this place, and comes down the hill to the Pacific Ocean. The Tronador Hill has three peaks: Argentine, the International and Chilean.

The Alerces Cascade is an extension of this excursion. Instead of crossing the bridge over Manso River, we follow the road bordering Moscos Lake and Manso River, further on we arrive at Hess lake and cross Roca river to end the route next to Alerces Cascade. Walk the remaining 300 meters to reach the cascade's viewpoint, from thence you can see the river running furiously between the high rocks. Return journey is done by same road.
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