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  • Argentina - Cataratas - Paseos - Lado A

Argentinean Falls


Duration: Full day

Past the Visitor's Centre there is a food court, stores selling souvenirs, an anphitheatre and a special space dedicated to consciousness of the park's ecosystem. You may take the train from Estacion Central to Estacion Cataratas (first section). Or another option is (for those who prefer close contact with nature) to do it in a 20 minute walk without any difficulty at all- by the Green Trail. Circuito Superior tour starts at Estación Cataratas. They are 1200m walk along a footbridge without difficulty or stairs- crossing the jungle, streams and suddenly they appear the first sights of the cataracts. Circuito Inferior is more difficult than the prior because it has stairs .

Walk along the jungle the first section, cross streams and run into coatis, and at about half way they start to appear the first waterfalls. In this case they are all seen from below. At the end of the walkway with its strength Salto Bosetti makes visitors get wet and impressed. For those not presenting any physical obstacle, itinerary continues by sloped stairs until getting on the boat that crosses to San Martín island. From Estación Cataratas the second section of the train leads up to Estación Garganta del Diablo.

As it has no stairs, this stretch does not present difficulty, it crosses different, branches of the Iguazu Superior through lush vegetation until reaching the most spectacular of the falls: Devil's Gorge. If you have the whole day available (highly suggested), we recommend to do Circuito Superior in the morning and afterwards Circuito Inferior and the footbridge to Devil's gorge, as it practically has no shadow and, besides, in the afternoon, the position of the sun allows to take the most amazing pictures!
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