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Duration: Full day

The tour starts from your hotel las 8:30 to 9:00 a.m. about this tour will take you to the South -East and North-East coast of the island to visit the temple Ahu Vaihu , located 10 km from Hanga Roa and composed of a stone platform where you ll find 8 well crafted Moai and 8 pukaos scattered nearby. Then go through the Ahu Akahanga , here are 4 platforms with 12 Moai , 8 pukaos and into this Ahu can appreciate one of the best preserved villages of the island.

Following the cruise, arrive at Ahu Tongariki amazing , with its 15 moai is the largest Ahu on the island . After we find the large spherical stone is identified as the navel of the world , or as it is called by the Rapa Nui , Te Pito o Te Henua . Then you will arrive at Ahu Nau Nau Anakena beach , where you will meet with five moai with their Pukao . The tour continues to the volcano Rano Raraku quarry and , where they were carved most of the moai on the island. It can be seen around 400 moais multistage milling .

Finally, head to the beautiful beach of Anakena , it is the name of a small cave in an adjacent creek.
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